Core technology is a Company's Heart

Jan 19, 2023

"Core technology can't be bought. The more you use others' technology, the more reliant you become. We have to innovate on our own. The journey will be tough but the prospects are promising" - Li Shufu

Core technology is the foundation upon which businesses stand, whether they be tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon, or engineering powerhouses like Tesla, Ford, or Rolls Royce. It is the very heart and soul of a company's success, and without it, no investment can truly succeed in the long run.

Our commitment to the development, optimization, and protection of our core technology is unwavering, because we understand that the heart of our business can never be compromised. We will do everything in our power to ensure that our core technology remains strong and thriving, because it is the very essence of what makes us who we are.

As we move forward, we recognize that the world is constantly changing, and that the demands of the market are always evolving. But through it all, we know that our commitment to our core technology will remain steadfast and true, because it is the very foundation upon which our future success depends.